Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rockin' Review

Guys Lit Wire recently reviewed my first book, ALEXANDER THE GREAT ROCKS THE WORLD: Alex was pubbed in 2006, so I was pleasantly surprised to come across it. It's easy to forget your first "baby" when you're about to deliver the second and getting ready for the third!

Still, Alexander is in the air. Vicki Leon has also been writing about my favorite ancient guy on Her new book, HOW TO MELLIFY A CORPSE discusses how Alexander was mummified in honey. Sweet, right? Her take on things is a riot. I recommend checking it out. Check out Guys Lit Wire too--it's an awesome site.

Thanks Hasan for the instructions on making the links work. How cool is it to get help from across the planet! Check out his awesome history and art history blog too at:


Unknown said...

Hi Vicky! Conngrats on the review!

Hyperlinking is easy :)

In your blogger post editor, you'll see a button called link. Press that, and it will bring up a box. Simply paste the URL in the appropriate and enter the test you want the link to lead to.

Here is a pic

Good luck

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

H, your instructions were perfect as you can see since I've made the links "live." Thanks for your help and thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

See that was easy :) Well done!!

Remember, you can write in the top line of the box too, where it says 'text to display'

That will make the hyperlink appear as that text but lead the the URL you entered in the field below.