Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Funnies--Ancient Style!

In honor of the last day of Camp Kane (based on Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles), I've assembled a few Egyptian Friday Funnies. (Thanks to for the last two photoshopped pictures.)

The dumb pharaoh as a boy:
"Umm....son? If you want to ride on my shoulders, this isn't the way..."

The dumb pharaoh, all grown up:
"Umm...sir? I believe your supposed to LIFT the toilet lid before you go..."*

Coming to a Theater Near You:

*Showed this to my daughter who promptly said, "But what if people think they really had toilets in ancient Egypt? They didn't, right?" No, they did not, though pharaohs certainly "went" on nice limestone seats-over-holes. So in the interest of accuracy, let it be known that the photo is photoshopped.


Robyn Hood Black said...

Ha ha! And good for your wonderful daughter for questioning, too... ;0)

Karen Strong said...

That last pic is sorta creepy! LOL.

And limestone seats? Really? That's cool actually. No squatting required. :)

Amalia T said...

A limestone seat in an outhouse? Have you written a post about Egyptian bathrooms? I'd love to read about it.