Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paperback, Magazines and Bylines...Oh My!

My mid-grade nonfiction book, Cleopatra Rules! has come out in paperback!

Check out the bold new look. The publisher wanted it to be more kid-friendly and I think they've accomplished that. This nonfiction, by the way, is the biography that inspired me to write the novel based on Cleopatra's daughter. 

This must be the month for Cleopatra because my article about the last queen of Egypt also came out in AppleSeeds magazine, by Cobblestone publishing, in March.  
Check out that gorgeous cover! I love the line above the banner: "Party likes it's 51 BCE!"

I also had to snap the byline because--well, to be honest, that just never gets old. 


Tanya Anderson said...

You are the queen of Egyptian queens, Vicky!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Ooooo - I love the new cover! And I love the pyramids reflecting in Cleo's eye on the magazine cover. How cool is THAT!? So awesome chickie! :) e

Tracy Barrett said...

You have the corner on Cleo, Vicky! Congrats on both!