Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bunce’s STARCROSSED Now $2.99 on e-book

Elizabeth's first book in the trilogy can be had for $2.99. Also, how cool is it that we both had the word "Moon" in our titles released in 2011?
Even though I've never met Elizabeth Bunce, I love her work. Plus, we share an editor--the wonderful Cheryl Klein. And now Cheryl is hosting a giveaway of Bunce's book, Liar's Moon.  Go here, to Cheryl's blog, to learn how you can win signed copies of both Starcrossed and Liar's Moon.  

Also, Cheryl provides excellent tips on finding the core of your story:
  • If your story’s climax involves a big fight and someone wins and someone loses, that’s a Conflict.
  • If it involves a piece of information being revealed, that’s a Mystery.
  • And if two characters get together, or the character can achieve something they haven’t been able to before—that’s probably a Lack plot.
To read the rest and enter the contest for the signed books, go to Cheryl's blog.

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