Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Congrats to Latin Teacher Winners

Five Latin teachers won free signed copies of Cleopatra's Moon in a recent teacher-drawing. The winning teachers came from Woodburry Heights and Princeton, New Jersey; Tallahassee, FL;  Portland, OR; and Brookfield, WI.

Congratulations and happy reading!

(If you are a Latin teacher and did not receive notice about the drawing and would like to be included in future drawings for free books, please let me know!)
Rockin' it like an Egyptian...

Meanwhile, the winner of my blog giveaway agreed to model the gorgeous Egyptian-inspired necklace my mother made. Thanks for being a great sport, Liz!

All of these giveaways, of course, were in celebration of the release of the paperback version of Cleopatra's Moon. 

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Maura said...

Please let me know about future Latin teacher drawings! Thanks, Maura

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Will do, Maura!

Colin Anders Brodd said...

I'm a Latin teacher and I would love to know about future drawings! Thanks!
~ Colin Brodd